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Q: The surface tension of fluid in the alveoli is decreased by the secretion of what?
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What is the protein fat compound that creates surface tension and keeps the walls of the alveoli from collapsing?


How will soap affect the surface tension of water?

Soap reduces the surface tension of water by disrupting the hydrogen bonds between the water molecules.

How is Water's surface tension and heat storage capacity accounted?

Water's surface tension and heat storage capacity is accounted by itsHydrogen Bonds

Why is surface tension important?

There are technological examples of the importance of surface tension. The degree to which a liquid wets a surface or forms beads depends in large part on the surface tension. Obviously, one wants one's raincoat to bead water as well as the wax on one's car. But the opposite is true for a lubricant. One wants oil to adhere to a surface of a bearing. Coatings are designed with wettabilty as a primary consideration. Cloth may be treated with materials to prevent wetting, but that is also an example where the surface texture or roughness plays a critical role. Paint is an example of a coating that would be carefully evaluated for wettability depending on the application. Surface tension of water is obviously a property of the surface and the surface of water is an interface, i.e. the place where water comes in contact with anything else. Surface tension is really a measure of how much energy is require to create a surface of a liquid. (Liquids would rather not have much surface, that is why they form drops - to minimize the surface.) The surface tension of water is large and that surface tension determines many of the properties of any interface with water and changing the surface tension changes those properties. A lot of biology happens at the interface of one compartment of water and another and the entire reason we can even have living cells is a result of the large surface tension that stabilizes a cell membrane. Finally, all those little bugs which walk around on the top of water would have no where to live without water tension.

How do the properties of the water molecule affect surface tension?


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What keeps the alveoli from sticking to each other?

Pulmany Surfactants. This is accomplished by lowering the surface tension in the aveoli. When the surface tension in the aveoli is decreased it allows for easier reinhilation of the aveoli because there is less work required to do reinflate them.

What phospholipid decreases the surface tension of the alveoli?


Reduces the surface tension of the fluid in the alveoli?


What prevents alveoli from collapsing by decreasing surface tension?


The surface tension exerted by water in the alveoli prevent collapse of the alveoli during exhalation?


What is an example of an organism that benefits from reducing surface tension?

Humans benefit greatly from the work of Pulmonary surfactant which reduces the surface tension in the alveoli of the lungs. This reduction in alveolar surface tension prevents the alveoli from collapsing and thus causing suffocation.

What is a phosphlolipid that lowers the surface tension of the alveoli preventing them from collapsing?


The fluid that lines the alveoli contains a substance that reduces surface tension known as?


The sustance that reduces surface tensin in the alveoli is?

Surfactant is a substance which lines the inside of alveoli. It is composed of a phospholipid bilayer, which have hydrophyllic and hydrophobic properties. This allows it to reduce surface tension.

The substance that reduces surface tension in the alveoli is?

Surfactant, a phospholipid, mainly containing dipalmitoyl-lecithin.

What is the protein fat compound that creates surface tension and keeps the walls of the alveoli from collapsing?


Breathing properly requires the presence of what compound that affects surface tension of alveoli in the lungs?


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