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Weight: Male: Heavier Female: Lighter Size: Male: In males the skull size is larger than that in females. Females: Smaller compared to that in males. The bony mass or the thicknes of the bone: Males: Thicker Females: Thinner Forehead:Males: In males the forehead is slightly sloping or receding. Females: The forehead is vertical. Vault of the skull: Males: The vault of the skull is more rounded. Females: The vault is flattened than that in females. Contour of the face: Males: The overall length of the skul is longer and the chin is bigger and projects more forwards, the skull is rugged due to its muscular makeup, and the zygomatic bones are also more massive. Females: The skull is Rounded, with the facial bones being more smoother, with both the jaws mandible and the maxilla being smaller. Supraorbital margin: Males: More rounded Females: Sharp. Tympanic plate: Males: Larger and the margins are rounded. Females: Smaller and the margins are less rounded.

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Q: What are some characteristics of the human skull?
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