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If you have white spots on your tonsils or on the back of your throat, it is possible that you may have tonsillitis.

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Q: What are the bumps on the back of your tongue and white spots on the sides of your throat?
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What causes white spots on my tongue other than strep throat?

White spots can be caused by both strep throat and tonsillitis, but not usually on your tongue. There are also certain medications that can cause white spots - although I'm not sure which ones. Cancer can also cause white spots on your tongue - but only mouth or throat cancers, and there would be many other signs of that besides just the spots. So, tonsillitis would be your best bet.

Do bright red spots on side of tongue indicate strep throat?

You can not know the cause of sore throat on clinical examination. You need to do the throat swab culture for the same.

You have noticed a black spot on both sides of your tongue What is this?

i also have black spots on either sides of my tongue... but didnt gather information abt it much.... ! but i am healthy...

Why do you have brown spots on your tongue?

I was wondering why i have brown spots on my tongue?

Do elephants have scales or bumps or spots?


Can Tetmosol be used for bumps and spots?


How many bumps do you have to have to have chickenpox?

3 spots. but you can have up to 2,000 spots on your body.

What are the affects of strep?

A most unpleasant sore throat, a spotted tongue (white coated with small spots of normal tongue-color showing), swollen glands, and there can be liver damage sometimes when not treated with antibiotics.

Can strep throat be present without white spots on the tonsils and red spots on the tongueif not what else can a severe sore throat without any other flu symptoms be?

Yes a severe sore throat could be strep throat, even without any visible marks or patches on the throat or tongue. I have tested positive for strep throat without any vomiting, stomach problems, or any oral patches to be seen several times.

What are some signs of strep throat?

sore and swollen throat and white spots in your throat

What part of your tongues has taste buds?

On your tongue you have 4 taste bud spots one in the back, two on the sides, and one in the front.

If you have brown spots on your tongue what does that mean?

My dentist noticed I had brown spots on my tongue. Pictures were taken and i was asked to return in 2 weeks. What do the brown spots indicate?

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