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cultural diffusion is when one culture influsences and changes another culture

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Q: What are the ways in which cultural diffusion occurs?
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3 ways cultural diffusion occurs?

The 3 ways that cultural diffusion can mainly occur are language, religion and technologies. There are so many other ways through which culture is spread out.

What is the impact of cultural diffusion in America?

Cultural diffusion occurs as humans cross boundaries. With this movement, humans spread cultural images, languages, religions, and other beliefs.

In what ways does cultural diffusion occur?

By using TV and internet

What occurs when people migrate and introduce their culture to other groups?

Cultural Diffusion

What are three general ways that cultural change is set in motion?

cultural change is set in motion by cultural diffusion, cultural discovery and cultural invention.

What caused cultural diffusion?

Cultural diffusion occurs via human migration, intercultural marriages or cultural exchange via letters, books or electronic media. It is a phenomenon in which specific cultural concepts, ideas or technologies spread from one culture to another. cultural diffusion is categorized into three types: direct, forced and indirect.

What is the process of cultural diffusion?

what is the process of a cultural diffusion

Rapid cultural diffusion which occurs under the influence of a more dominant culture is called?


What is cultural diffussion?

Cultural diffusion is what happens when the cultural beliefs and social activities are spread through different ethnicities, religions, nationalities, etc. Diffusion can occur in three major ways, directly violently, directly non-violently or forced diffusion, and indirectly.

What are three ways cultural diffusion can take place?

i only know one...which is trade

What is the Term for the exchange of ways of living between various groups?

Cultural diffusion

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