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Q: What bodily system is a network of vessels and tissues spaces that filters bacteria create white blood cells distributes nutrients to cells drains off excess fluids defend against micro-organisms?
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Which viruses do antibiotics kill?

Antibiotics are the chemicals produced by microorganisms to inhibit the growth of other microorganisms. most of the antibiotics are produced by fungi. Very few are produces by bacteria. For example the antibiotics Monobactum, Bacitracin and Polymixin B are produced by bacteria. They almost all act against other bacteria and not viruses. ( Amphotericin B acts against fungi and is too toxic.) In fact you do not have good drugs against viruses and then you conveniently avoid to talk about it.

How does the stratum protect against disease?

stratum corneum functions as a physical barrier to light and heat waves, microorganisms(e.g. bacteria, fungi, protozoa & viruses) and most chemicals.

What are different between antibiotic and antiseptic?

Antibiotic: a chemical produced by microorganisms to inhibit or kill other microorganisms.Antiseptic: a chemical that inhibits the growth of microorganisms on living tissue.

What are some of your body's defenses against invading microorganisms?


What method is not used to protect food against microorganisms?


Which method is NOT used to protect food against microorganisms?


What function does the Capsule have in a Bacteria Cell?

The slime capsule protects the Bacterium from desiccation ( drying out )

Are phagocytes part of the second line of defense against microorganisms?


What are human bodies defenses against disease or microorganisms?

The immune system

What is the nature of antibiotics?

antibiotics are the primary and secondary metabolites of many fungi and some bacteria which are used against pathogenic microorganisms. usually antibiotics are protein in nature but may also occure in conjugated form like glycopeotide etc......

Hydrochloric acid in stomach kills what?

Acid in the stomach is a primary bodily defense against microorganisms. Obviously, it can be overwhelmed or bypassed, but it is toxic to many microorganisms.

Diseases are caused by microorganisms?

The majority of diseases are caused by microorganisms (mostly bacteria, but sometimes viruses) which enter a person's body and launch an attack on their cells. Depending on the person, diseases may also be caused by stress-induced situations, as your immune system does not function well when you are undfer stress, and will therefore not be effective against fighting diseases as well as a person with a healthy immune system. Bacteria and Viruses are transferred through the air or environment, or an open wound in the skin; although, when exposed to bacteria or viruses which your body has developed an immunity to, you will not show signs of infection.