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Most likely blue eyes.
Blue eyes. Blue eyes are a recessive trait and the only way to have true blue eyes (not hazel blue or anything in between) is if bothe recessive genes are present. If there happens to be a touch of brown in those blue eyes then the eye color can vary.
Most likely blue, since blue is recessive.
The eyes will most likely be hazel or blue.

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Q: What color eyes will a baby have if the father has blue eyes and the mother has blue eyes?
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What color eyes will a baby have if the father has green eyes and the mother has blue eyes?

blue eyes

What Color eyes will the baby have if the mother has blue eyes and the father has green?

its 50% chance that it will be green and 50% blue

What color eyes and hair will a baby have if the mother has dirty blond hair blue eyes and the father has light brown hair blue eyes?

It depends on the mother's and father's recessive genes. The baby may have blue eyes, but if the mother's mother's eyes are brown, the baby's eyes may be brown.

Does a baby get its eye color from the mother or father?

It depends on the eye color genes of the parents. If the mother has a recessive eye color, such as blue, and the father has a dominant eye color, like brown, then the baby will have the father's eye color because brown is dominant over blue. If both parents have recessive colors, blue, only then will the baby be born with blue eyes. Only if both parents have the recessive gene. Blue+Blue=Blue Brown+Brown=Brown Brown+Blue=Brown It all just depends on the parents.

Mother has hazel green eyes father has blue eyes what color eyes will baby have?

My mother has hazel eyes and my dad has blue eyes. I have brown eyes.

What color eyes will child have father has blue mother has blue?


What color eyes will a baby have if the father has blue eyes and the mother has hazel eyes?

This can't really be determined until the baby is born, but remember that the baby's eye color might not be blue or hazel and instead might take the gene of another relative, say the mother or father's parents or grandparents. It is pretty unpredictable when it comes to eye color.

Can baby have blue eyes if mother is half hispanic half white and father is full white with blue eyes?

Yes. The mother could be heterozygous for eye color, and she then passed the recessive allele to her baby.

What is the color of the baby eyes if the mother have the recessive gene for blue and the father has blue eyes?

I assume you mean the mother has a dominant allele for some other color. Father is homozygous recessive for blue. Dominant allele + recessive blue X recessive blue + recessive blue The baby has a 50% chance of blue eyes and a 50% chance of getting the dominant colored eyes.

What color will baby eyes be if both mother and father have blue eyes?

Probably blue. But if other colors run in the family, then the baby could end up with different color eyes than the parents.

What color should a child's eyes be if the father has brown eyes and the mother has blue eyes?

Brown. because its 70% that the baby will have brown eyes. And 30% that the baby will have blue eyes.

What color eyes and hair will a baby have if father has red hair and blue eyes and mother has light brown hair and green eyes?

it will be a black baby.

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