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Probably nothing - but it could be a sign of something serious such as poor circulation or various heart defects, or even an imminent heart attack. It's probably a good idea to seek medical advice right away.

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Q: What does tingling and numbness in left arm mean?
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What does tingling or numbness in the arm mean?

poor circulation

Numbness and Tingling in left pinky and ring finger and numbness running up arm?

ulner nerve

Lumbar pain tingling and numbness in left arm left back leg left foot?

have hav havew

Tingling and numbness in left arm?

Could be anything from spine or nerve damage to a GREAT indicator of a heart attack. If you have this might be time to head to an emergency room.

What could cause sudden and brief left hand and arm numbness?

Is there any radiance or tingling coming from your arm? If so, go to your doctor asap!

What does it mean when your left arm is tingling?

if any body part is tingling blood cannot access that area

What does it mean when you feel a tingling in the left arm and armpit?

Tingling in the left arm and armpit could signal a heart attack. It also could be a sign of thoracic outlet syndrome.

Does numbness in left arm to two small fingers mean Tia?

i just woke up with my left arm tingleing and numbness all the way to fingers, any anwsers?

What would cause pain in right shoulder with arm numbness and tingling?

trapped nerve probably ....

What would cause tingling and feeling of numbness in my face and felt hard to swallow like a lump in my throat I have now noticed a shakey left arm and some numbness in my left leg?

It is possible these are symptoms of stroke. I'll add a link

You are having pain and numbness in your left arm into thumb and index finger?

Having pain and numbness in my left arm into thumb

The cause of numbness and tingling in the arm and lateral three and one-half digits?

Carpal tunnel syndrome

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