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Q: What family does the kalopanax tree belong to?
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What family does jack fruit tree belong to?

its a fruit tree

Which family do emerald tree boa belong to?

They belong to the 'Boidae' family - Their latin name is 'Corallus caninus'

What family does the Silver Maple tree belong?

Family - Aceraceae

What plant group does the cherry tree belong to?

a strawberry family

Do your cousin and auntie belong in your family tree?

Your cousin and aunt belong in your family try if you are drawing it to show all the descendants of a distant ancestor. If you are drawing it to show your direct ancestors only, then they do not belong there.

What family does the Kangaroo belong to?

All kangaroos, including tree kangaroos, belong to the Macropodidae family. Macropodidae means 'big-footed'. Macropods are one family among the order known as Marsupialia (marsupials).

What phylum does a catalpa bean tree belong?

Catalpas are not Legumes, as I thought for many years. They are low-level N fixers, but belong in the family Bignoniaceae.

What kingodm does the whit oak tree belong to?

The Plant Kingdom [Quercus Alba(part of the Beech family)]

What family of trees does Juniper belong?

Cupressaceae is the name of the family to which the juniper tree belongs.Specifically, the juniper tree carries the genus name Juniperus. The genus is one of those subsumed by the cypress family. The family name originates in the combination of the Latin noun cupressus ("cypress") and the Latin ending -aceae ("belonging to [the family]).

To what family of a creatures does a lizerd belong?

to what family of a creatures does a lizerd belong ? to what family of a creatures does a lizerd belong ?

Is an alder tree deciduous?

No, the alder is not coniferous. It belong to the birch family Betulaceae.

Is nutria in the muskrat family?

Nutria belong to th family Myocastoridae. Muskrats belong to the family Cricetidae. So they do not belong to the same family.