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A charlie horse is basically a leg cramp that is caused by lack of potassium, so to get rid of it you have to eat stuff with potassium in it.

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Q: What is a charlie horse and how do you get rid of it?
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How do you get rid of a Charlie Horse?

To get rid of a Charlie horse in the calf of the leg, it is good to stretch the calf by pointing the toes toward the knee. Another way to get rid of a Charlie horse is to walk slowly. Rubbing the area of the Charlie horse is also good.

Yesterday I had a pain in your legs which was so bad it inabled me to walk what is that?

It's called a Charlie Horse. To get rid of it, eat a banana. A banana has potassium which will help get rid of the Charlie Horse.

Why is a cramp called a charlie horse?

Because charlie horse had a cramp.

What does a charlie horse look like?

A Charlie horse is a muscle cramp

Why is a Charlie horse called a Charlie horse?

A Charlie horse is called this because in the old west that muscular part of your leg was called a Charlie. When cowboys would dismount, their legs would chafe and they had to walk very awkwardly. Eventually The Charlie was transformed into The Charlie Horse, named after the cowboys who got these problems.

When was Chief Charlie Horse created?

Chief Charlie Horse was created on 1956-05-07.

How do you spell Charlie horse for cramps?

Charley Horse

What is the duration of The Charlie Horse Music Pizza?

The duration of The Charlie Horse Music Pizza is 1800.0 seconds.

Which horse have six legs?

A Charlie Horse of Course of Course!

When did The Charlie Horse Music Pizza end?

The Charlie Horse Music Pizza ended on 1999-05-30.

When was The Charlie Horse Music Pizza created?

The Charlie Horse Music Pizza was created on 1998-01-05.

Is it possible to get a Charlie Horse in your foot?

Most definitely! Unfortunately I get them too often(usually in bed -bad timing I might add) How to get rid of them I need to know.

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