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Respiring organisms, these can be from humans such as ourselves to micro-organisms, such as bacteria.

There is one 'waste' product of photosynthesis - oxygen, glucose is all used or stored by the plant. Oxygen is not a complete waste, as it is used in plant respiration, however, the oxygen released from the plant can be used in respiration in other organisms.

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Q: What type of organism that could use waste products in photosynthesis?
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What are the wastes products of photosynthesis?

The waste product of photosynthesis is oxygen.

Waste products of photosynthesis?


Which waste products of cellular respiration are raleased into the environment and could be used in the process of photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide

Why is photosynthesis critical to the survival of every organism?

Plants undergo photosynthesis to provide themselves energy to make food to survive. The waste products of this reaction are oxygen and water which are released into the atmosphere. Humans need oxygen to survive. Thus, photosynthesis is a critical process for the survival of every organism.

What photosynthesis waste product is formed in photosynthesis?

In aerobic respiration the waste products in photosynthesis are oxygen (O2) and water (H2O) and in anaerobic respiration, the waste products include carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) I think that's all! = D

What useful waste products is made in photosynthesis?

Oxygen and glucose.

How do trees get rid of waste products?

Trees get rid of waste with photosynthesis when the let the oxygen out they are also letting waste out...

What are waste by-product?

they are basically what you get after a reaction so if you were writing the by-products or waste products of photosynthesis CO2 and H20 arrow O2 and glucose the O2 and glucose are the waste products or otherwise called by products generally a waste product is one that you do not want

What is a waste product of photosynthesis that organisms need for cellular respiration?

There are a handful of waste products that are products of a plant's respiration. Oxygen is one such waste product.

Do plants eliminate waste products?

Every organism (living thing) needs the ability to eliminate waste products, so yes.

In photosynthesis what waste products are produced?

Actually bi products are formed. Main bi product is Oxygen.

What are the fina waste products of cellular respiration?

They're not waste products, which implies that they are not important or useful. The products of aerobic cellular respiration are carbon dioxide and water, which are the reactants of photosynthesis.