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In the brain

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Q: Where is the pituatary gland located?
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What is the master gland controls the endocrine system and determines when puberty starts and located in the brain?

the pituatary gland thats right pituatary :D

What gland secretes the hormone estrogen?

The Pituatary Gland.

How are hormone levels monitored and controlled?

pituatary gland

What are rathhispouches?

these are those pouches that connect hypothalamus to pituatary gland

Does the pituatary gland store glycogen?

No, glycogen is stored by the liver and skeletal muscle

Why is the pituatary gland called a dual gland?

The pituitary gland consists of two parts - the Anterior (or front) Pituitary and the Posterior (or back) Pituitary gland. Each secretes different hormones.

Why do your parents make you go to sleep when your just not tired and wake you up when your very tired?

your body has a gland called the pituatary gland and that gland controld your sleep so when u go to bed your pituatary gland is not ready to control your body at the "sleeping mode" so when you wake up your body is then ready to go to the "sleeping mode'

Is the bladder part of the endocine system?

No, the Endocrine System is made up of a system of glands that produce hormones to regulate the body. Ex. Pineal gland, Pituatary gland, Thyroid gland, Thymus, Adrenal gland, Pancreas, Ovaries and Testes.

Can a problem with your pituatary gland cause headaches?

Yes, this can be the case. If your pituitary gland does not function properly, it can leak. This leakage drains into the sinuses and causes a headache which usually feels as if your head will explode. This can be alleviated with treatment which can make the pituitary gland start to function again.

What gland is located in the brain?

pitutary gland

Where is thymus gland located?

The thymus gland is located in the upper thorax behind the sternum, but below the thyroid gland.

Where is the submaxillary gland located?

The submaxillary gland is located under the jaw, as indicated by the name. It's a salivary gland.

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