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lysosomes lysosomes

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Q: Which cell organelles is called suicidal bag?
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Suicidal bag of the cell?


Why are lysosomes called as the 'suicidal bag' of cells?

Lysosomes are bags containing hydrolytic enzymes. These enzymes can break the living cell. Hence, lysosmes are called the Suicidal Bag of cells.

Why lysosomes called suicidal bag?

because it can burst itself and distroy the cell if the cell gets damaged.

Why lysosomes are the suicidal bags of the cell?

Lysosomes are bags containing hydrolytic enzymes. These enzymes can break the living cell. Hence, lysosmes are called the Suicidal Bag of cells.

What cell organelle is known as the suicide bag of the cell?

Lysosome are the cell organelle that are known as suicidal bag

Why lysosome called suicidal bag?

Lysosomes are called "suicide bags" because as they destroy the dead organelles and proteins they destroy themselves. In doing this it enables materials to be re-used

Which cell organelle is called digestive bag of cell and why?

lysosomes, because it help to keep clean by digesting any foreign material as well as worn-out cell organelles

Which cell organelle is know as the suicide bag of the cell?

Vacuole eat other organelles prior to PCD

What does a lysosme do in a cell?

Lysosomes is a cell organelle which contains enzymes that digest the injured or worn out part of cell. If a cell ruptures or dies the lysosome present in the cell burst to release enzymes. These organelles are also called 'digestive bag' and 'suicide bag'. During metamorphosis in tadpole the tail is digested by lysosomes.

Which is called the digestive bag?

Lysosomes is called the 'digestive bag' of the cell. By, Abhishek Mandal

What is the function of the lysosome in the animal cell?

lysosomes destroy any foreign material that enters the cell. when a foreign body enters the cell the lysosome swell and break. therefore they are also known as the suicidal bag of the cell

Explain the difference between cell membrane and nucleus?

All the living organisms are made of structural and functional units called "cells".The membrane which surrounds the cell and separates it from the other cell is called "cell membrane".It is made of proteins and lipids. It allows only certain substances to pass into the cellInside the cell, there is comparatively bigger organelle(structures present in cells are called cell organelles) which controls the activities of the other cell organelles called "nucleus".it is surrounded by a membrane called "nuclear membrane". inside the cell there is a dark staining body called "nucleolus" and there are some thread like filaments called chromatin on which DNA containing genes are present which are responsible for the production of proteins and for carrying the parental features to the children.cell membrane is like a bag which carries nucleus and other cell organelles

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