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The only cells which lack DNA are the mature <b>red blood cells</b> (erythrocytes). This is because they lack a nucleus, which is where the DNA is found in other cells. Red blood cells also lack mitochondria which themselves have DNA. Therefore they not only lack nuclei DNA, but mitochondrial DNA as well. <br /><br /> Red blood cells develop in your bone marrow from special cells called stem cells. These do have a nucleus, but as the red blood cell develops the nucleus is squeezed/taken out. This makes more room for the red pigment haemoglobin, which is needed to carry the Oxygen in the red cells. Haemoglobin also carry's Glucose needed for energy and also they take Carbon Dioxide away from the cells to be breathed out through the lungs

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Q: Which cells in the human body does not contain DNA?
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Which cells in in the human body do not contain DNA?

Red blood cells (RBCs) also called erythrocytes do not contain DNA.

Which human body parts don't contain DNA example do our skin and nail contain DNA?

Red blood cells

Is DNA in the nucleus of every cell?

In general, every living cell contains DNA. About a quarter of the human cells in the human body are red blood cells, which do not contain a nucleus or DNA. The living cells of animals, plants, and other eukaryotes contain a nucleus that contains the DNA. The cells of bacteria and other prokaryotes contain DNA, but do not have a nucleus.

Which cells in the human body contain the human gene?

ALL of them. They all contain the DNA and RNA needed for a human to develop and grow. A.K.A. the human gene.

Which cells in your body contain DNA?

DNA is present in all human cells, except the red blood cells, that is because RBCs do not contain the organelle nucleus or any other DNA containing organelle like mitochondria.

Human body cells that have only 23 chromosomes?

They contain the DNA of both parents into the baby.

Whice wbc cells contain in DNA?

Actually DNA is present in the nucleus of each and every cell of the human body.

Is the amount of DNA in human sperm cells higher than the amount of DNA in human body cells?

No. The amount of DNA in human sperm cells is half of the amount found in body cells.

What of your body's cells contain DNA?

red blood cells

How many cells in the human body have chromosomes?

All cells. Chromosomes are tightly wound coils of DNA that split and allow the identical replication of all cells, and all cells contain DNA.

If 2.2 picograms of DNA could be extracted from a certain number of human muscle cells about how many picrograms of DNA could be extracted from the same number of human gamete cells?

Since human body cells (like muscle cells) contain twice the amount of DNA present in human gamete cells, roughly 1.1 pg of DNA can be expected out of human gamete cells

Can DNA be found in human blood?

Red blood cells do not contain DNA

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