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Cancer Cells produce a protein that blocks apoptosis.

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Q: Why do cancer cells continue to divide and not undergo normal apoptosis?
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Why do people get bladder cancer?

Cancer in general is caused when a cell "becomes crazed" and continues to divide without stopping. Cancer occurs in your body everyday but your (immune system?) usually detects it and makes the cancerous cell undergo apoptosis (the cell kills itself). When somebody gets bladder cancer, it could mean that their immune system missed the cancerous cell in the bladder region. That cell continued to multiple and grow leading to cancer.

Cancer is a disease in which some cells lose ability to control their?

Cancer is a disease where cells continue to rapidly grow and divide uncontrollablly.

What is uncontrolled mitosis?

Uncontrolled mitosis is when cells continue to divide. Which is considered the developing of a tumor or that is cancer.

What does cell division have to do with cancer?

Cancer cells start out as normal cells but undergo genetic mutations. They lose the ability to control how fast they divide and cause disease and tumors.

Which of these cells is likely to NOT continue to divide?

A nerve cell is likely to not continue to divide.

Why cells divide uncontrollably?

usually only oncogenes do this (cancer cells). something has gone wrong in there genetic code therefore the cell cannot perform apoptosis (cell suicide). it begins to divide uncontrollably due to wrong sequencing of genes. Caused by environmental factors or hereditary

Do cancer cells divide by mitosis or meiosis?

Cancer cells divide by mitosis.

How do cancer cells grow and divide?

cancer cells grows uncontrolled and divide infinitely.

Why do cells undergo mittosis?

to divide and create a new cell

Does eukaryotic cells undergo binary fission?

No, eukaryotic cells undergo mitosisOnly Prokaryotes divide by binary fission

Which Cells types rarely undergo mitosis?

All cells in the nervous system do not divide or replicate and thus do not undergo mitosis.

How can a cell control gene expression?

A variety of genes are involved in the control of cell growth and division. The cell cycle is the cell's way of replicating itself in an organized, step-by-step fashion. Tight regulation of this process ensures that a dividing cell's DNA is copied properly, any errors in the DNA are repaired, and each daughter cell receives a full set of chromosomes. The cycle has checkpoints (also called restriction points), which allow certain genes to check for mistakes and halt the cycle for repairs if something goes wrong.If a cell has an error in its DNA that cannot be repaired, it may undergo programmed cell death (apoptosis) (illustration). Apoptosis is a common process throughout life that helps the body get rid of cells it doesn't need. Cells that undergo apoptosis break apart and are recycled by a type of white blood cell called a macrophage (illustration). Apoptosis protects the body by removing genetically damaged cells that could lead to cancer, and it plays an important role in the development of the embryo and the maintenance of adult tissues.Cancer results from a disruption of the normal regulation of the cell cycle. When the cycle proceeds without control, cells can divide without order and accumulate genetic defects that can lead to a cancerous tumor (illustration).For more information about cell growth and division:The National Institutes of Health's Apoptosis Interest Group provides an introduction to programmed cell death. The National Cancer Institute offers several publications that explain the growth of canceroustumors. These include What You Need To Know About Cancer-An Overview andUnderstanding Cancer.

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