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According to a guy who did a study as part of his degree in Neuroscience he claims: "Using their sense of smell, the cats subconsciously realize that earwax has a nutritional value - specific olfactory receptors will be triggered by the scent of the fatty acids, the cholesterol, and also the dead skin cells (mostly protein). Cats are specifically attuned to the scent of animal proteins, hence their preference for meat - also the reason why cats hungrily devour earwax (and also love freshly picked scabs)."

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Q: Why do cats like ear wax?
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Is ear wax good for cats to eat?

I don't know why, but cats seem to LOVE ear wax. It will not hurt them.

Bad smell out of cats ear?

Ear Wax. It's Ear Wax Try To Get It Out Or Leave It And Let The Cat Dig In It's Ear.

What does ear wax taste like?


What is wrong with your cat he is vomiting and ear wax is dropping out of his ear?

the cat is sick and must be shot to avoid contaminating other cats!

Why is some ear wax Black?

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Why does my cat have an addiction to licking ear wax?

I know that ear wax contains vitamins that are very beneficial to rabbits, I suppose the same would apply to cats. I would just let him or her do it, it seems natural.

Do loud music produce ear wax?

Our professor of anatomy at the university of Malta says that loud music does not produce more ear wax. She also says that the ear wax is a deterrent for insects like mosquitos.

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on it not wet ear wax is the dominant one.

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ear plugs, ear wax sticks

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ear candles are fake, they have the wax in it before you use it source youtube - SEARCH EAR CANDLES TRUTH

What is the gland in your ear that produces ear wax?

ceruminous glands in the ear canalare the ones that prodcue ear wax.

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