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Every girl is made differently so that includes the size of her nipples

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Q: Why do some women have small nipples and some have large nipples?
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Why do some women have big nipples?

Different people have different bodies. Some guys have a big tool and others have small ones. Some women have big nipples and some women have small nipples. Diversity--it's what makes the world go round. If we all looked the same, how boring it would be!

Do some small women like large men?

Some small women do like large men.

Why are some women's nipples hard and other soft?

Women's nipples only get hard when their horney.

Why do some women have long nipples?

Breastfeeding can make a womans nipples REALLY long!

Why do women have permanently hard nipples?

We don't. They get hard when it's cold or some women get hard nipples when they are aroused. Same reasons some men have it actually.

How do women like their nipples played with?

Ask them! some women feel nothing...

Do women have hair around their nipples?

Some women do. But its part of puberty, thouu.

Why are some womens nipples so huge?

Some women have huge nipples because of genes, breast feeding, weight and be touch a lot.

Whose hand is bigger a man or a women?

It depends. Some women have large hands and some men have small hands. On average, men are slightly larger than women, however.

Does a girls boobs get hard when she is horny?

I'm guessing you are reffering to the nipples and for some women they do and for some they dont.

What happends to womens perineum during childbirth?

Some women can have an intact perineum Some women can tear (ranging from a small laceration to a large tear) Some women need to have their perineum cut (this is called an episiotomy)

Why do some men have different types of nipples?

The same reason many women have different types of nipples...people are all made different and have there own characteristics.

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