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Q: You are 12 and half years old your penis when erect is 5 inch long Is it normal?
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You are 15 years old and have been going through puberty for about 1 and a half years your penis is about 13 cm when erect is this a normal size or is it small?

my penis is 6.5 inches so i would say that's normal

You just turned 13 and your penis erect is about 6 and a half inches is this normal?

yes mine is

Is a 3 and a half inch penis small?

Yes, a penis that is three and a half inches when erect is pretty small...sorry.

I am a seventeen years old guy and I have a 4 in a half inch penis. Is this normal?


Is having a 2 and a half penis normal when youre 12 years old?


Is 6 and a half inches a good penis size?

It is average erect size for an adult.

You are 12 and your penis is 1.3 inches non erect is that small?

No, for a twelve year old to have an 1.3 inch penis is normal. Before the body goes through puberty the average size for an erect penis is 2-4 inches long. yes that is a small penis mine is 5 and half and im 13 but u will mature so dont worry

You are 13 and a half years old and when your penis erects then it is 6inch is that normal?

Yes it is more then enough.

Is a 4 and half penis non erect big for a kid that just turned 12?


Is a 6 and a half inch penis big for 13?

Yes, the norm is 3.4 inches long when erect.

Im 15 and your penis is 6 and a half erect is that big?

It is within range (5 to 7 inches).

Your penis is 1 and a half inches long and im 14 is this normal?

Is it 1 and a half inches long when it is limp or erect? If it is that length limp (soft) that is pretty normal but if it is that length when it is erect it is a little smaller than average. However if you were a bit late starting puberty then it still has plenty of time to increase in length, so don't worry too much about it.

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