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Q: Because the mud in muddy water eventually settles out the muddy water is a?
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How does muddy water become clear water?

It settles out.

Is muddy river water heterogeneous or a suspension?

It is a suspension because the water and mud will eventually sperate when left undisturbed

Does muddy water absorb more heat than normal water?

A muddy water heat up faster than a clear water because of the presences of impurities in the muddy water and their specific heat capacity differences.

Why does water get muddy when it rains?

It gets muddy because the rain (water) mixed with some of the land (dirty, soil) turning into mud. Just as if you were to add some water to dirt, it would become muddy.

Why Do dogs drink muddy water?

because they are thirsty!

Is muddy water homogeneous or heterogeneous?

Muddy water is heterogeneous because the mud and water are separate, plus the mud is made up of different things.

Why would it be better to use the muddy puddle water than the seawater?

It is better to use the muddy puddle water than the seawater because of the salt

Is water a colloids?

Yeas, water is a colloid. Because it's a type of mixture that never settles.

Why is there muddy substance on a radiators cap?

because there is If there is a muddy substance on the inside of a radiator cap it's because there is oil in your water. After oil leaks into the water for a while you will get a gooey muddy substance in your radiator. You'll need to have your head gasket checked first and move on from there.

Is muddy water solute or solvent?

No. The solids in muddy water are in suspension rather than true solution; most true solutions in water are transparent, at least in thin layers. Muddy water is not really a solution at all. You can't see through it it's parts can be filtered out. So, your answer is NO muddy water is not a true solution.

What are these mixtures in order of particle size muddy water sugar water sand in water and milk?

Sugar Water , Muddy Water , Sand Water.

Sediment settles out of moving water by the process of?

Sediment settles out of the moving water by the process of.