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whats difference between covalent and ionic bonding

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The number of pairs of electrons in a covalent bond equals the bond order

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Q: Difference between ionic and covalent bonding?
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How do you know about the difference between an ionic bonding and covalent bonding?

Ionic is between a non metal and a metal, covalent is between two nonmetals.

What is the difference in the bonding electrons in covalent and ionic compounds?

in covalent compounds,bonding electrons are shared between atoms in ionic compounds,bonding electrons are transferred by one atom and gained by the other atom

What are the similar Β between ionic and covalent bonding?

Ionic and covalent bonding involve electrons. Ionic bonding involves the loss and gain of electrons, form ions. Covalent bonding involves the sharing of electrons.

What are the 2 types of bonding What is the difference between them?

Types of bonding: ionic (in salts), covalent (in organic compounds), metallic (in metals).

How can you relate a basketball to ionic and covalent bonding?

How can you compare covalent bonding and ionic bonding with soccer

How is an ionic bond related to a covalent bond?

Ionic bonding occurs between a metal and a nonmetal whereas covalent bonding occurs between two nonmetals.

Is CaCO3 covalent or ionic bonding?

it is ionic bonding between the Ca2+ and CO32- ions. The CO32- ion contains covalent bonds between carbon and oxygen.

Is CaSO4 ionic bonding or covalent bonding?

No, it is Ionic.

What bonding is used for metal elements?

Metallic Bonding. Metallic bonding occurs between two metals. Covalent Bonding. Covalent bonding occurs between two non-metal. Ionic Bonding. Ionic bonding occurs between a metal, and a non-metal.

Is CO2 covalent or ionic compound?

Covalent. This is because it is two nonmetals bonding. The electronegativity difference is 1.0, putting it in the covalent bonding range.

What is the types of bonding present in amonia cloride?

both ionic and covalent. covalent bonding comes from the ammonium (NH4) ionic bonding comes from the bond between (NH4) and Cl2

Is Cl2O2 ionic or covalent bonding?

It´s Ionic bonding

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