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no. it produced α-ketoacid

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Q: Does acid hydrolysis of alpha keto nitrile produce HCN?
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What conditions can produce hydrolysis of an ester?

Either an acidic of basic condition can produce hydrolysis of an ester. An ester is derived from an alcohol and a carboxylic acid.

What is salt hydrolysis?

the reaction in which cation or anions of salts reacts with water to produce acid or base is called salt hydrolysis.

What alpha-keto acid produce when alanine undergoes transamination?


Is hydrolysis an acid?

Hydrolysis is a process of breaking the bonds in a water molecule into their component gases, hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrolysis is not an acid.

What does hydrolysis of nucleic acid produce?

Well ATP is a nucleic acid, so the hydrolysis of ATP will be ADP. The hydrolysis of nucleic acids in general is too broad of a question. If you encounter this question in an assignment or exam, your best bet would be to say that it releases the chemical energy in the nucleic acid, thus releasing energy.

Why do you add hydrochloric acid to the hydrolysis of sucrose?

HCl In solution. H + and Cl - An easy hydrolysis with this strong acid.

Draw the Carboxylic acid produced from the acid hydrolysis of butyl acetate?

It is the butyl ester of acetic acid so on hydrolysis it produces Acetic acid , CH3-COOH

What does the hydrolysis of an acyl chloride give?

Unsurprisingly the hydrolysis of it will yield a carboxylic acid (COOH), and Hydrochloric acid, with the acyl end becoming a carboxylic acid.

What is biological chemical hydrolysis?

biological chemical hydrolysis is in my opinion acid rain.

What acid hastens the hydrolysis of aspartame?

My guess is phosphoric Acid

Why acid hydrolysis of sucrose avoided during experiment with enzyme invertase?

Enzyme hydrolysis is better than acid hydrolysis because in enzyme hydrolysis eventhough the final product may contain some Enzyme it wont affectbut on the other hand acid is highly toxic

What is the difference between acidic and alkaline hydrolysis?

Acidic hydrolysis: hydrolysis in an acid solution (pH under 7) Basic hydrolysis: hydrolysis in a basic solution (pH above 7)

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