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No. Impurities do not raise the melting point of Stearic Acid, the lower it.

All impuritues lower the melting point of acids

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Q: Does glucose as an impurity raise the melting point of stearic acid?
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Does glucose as an impurity raise the melting point of stearic acid why or why not?

No, impurities do not raise the melting point of Stearic Acid, they decrease it. All impurities decrease the melting point of solids.

How a impurity such as glucose alter the melting point of stearic acid?

Any impurity in any material alter the the physical properties, including the melting point.

How do you prove that glucose do not raise the melting point of stearic acid?

An experiment is useful.

What is the freezing point of impure stearic acid?

An impure substance cannot have a definite melting point, as it depends on the degree of impurity. The higher the concentration of the impurities, the more anomalous the melting point. Therefore only a range of melting can be found, according to the amount of impurity.

Why does stearic acid has a high melting point than oleic?

The carbon chain of stearic acid is longer; more long chain, higher melting point.The melting point of stearic acid is 69,3 0C and the melting point of oleic acid is 14 0C.

What effect does an impurity have on melting point of a pure substance?

An impurity can never raise the melting point of a substance. It can only lower the melting range or broaden it.

Does stearic acid have high melting point?


How does the melting behavior of lauric acid would change if an impurity was introduced in the sample?

An impurity lowers the melting point.

What factors affect the melting point?

Answerwhat factors affect the melting point?1) Any impurity in a sample will lower the melting point, even if the impurity melts at a higher temperature.2) An impurity will cause the sample to melt over a wider range.

What acids have a melting point of 69 degree?

Stearic Acid

Why does naphthalene have a higher melting point than stearic acid?

because stearic acid does not give a sharp melting or freezing point as it is rarely pure. Naphthalene is much better

Does an impurity affect the melting point of a compound?


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