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the simplest method to separate salt and sand is by adding the mixture in water and then filtering it.then u get sand and salt water.afterwards evaporate the salt water and u get the remaining salt.

Dissolve the mixture of sand & salt in water. Salt will dissolved and the sand will not. Filter this through filter paper, Sand will remain on the filter paper, whereas the salt solution will filter out. Dry the filterate by evaporating the water,the salt remain left. By this the sand & salt will separate out.

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Q: How do you seperate a mixture of salt and sand?
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How can you seperate salt and sand?

Salt and sand can be separated by dissolving the salt in water, filtering the mixture, and then evaporating the water to recover the salt.

Is sand and salt mixture a mixture of homogeneous?

Salt and sand is a mixture.

How would you seperate sand and water?

Add them to water. The salt will dissolve, then you can pass the mixture through a filter and separate the sand out. The water can then be heated, it will evaporate and leave the salt behind.

Is sand and salt mixture a heterogeneous mixture?

Sand+salt: a heterogeneous mixture.

Is a salt and sand mixture a heterogeneous mixture?

Sand+salt: a heterogeneous mixture.

How do you seperate sand and salt?

Add water to the mixture of sand and salt, stir the mixture vigorously, pour off the water into another container, boil water off or let it evaporate. Sand does not disovle and once the you pour off the water and the water is gone all you will have left is the salt.

How do you seperate salt from sand?

1 Pour water on the mixture of salt and sand. 2 filter the salt water out of the sand with a filter paper. 3 evaporate the water out of the salt water, leaving only the salt. the problem with this is when the salt desolves in the water the salt water also soaks into the sand so really when the sand dries out there is salt

Is Salt and sand are element mixture or compound?

Sand and salt togther is a mixture.

How would you seperate a mixture of salt and sand?

You could wash the sand and collect the water which comes off. Or soak the sand in a bowl of water. Then remove the sand. Maybe strain it in an old pair of tights. Then evaporate the water off and you will be left with the salt.

How would you get salt from sand salt and water?

Sive first to seperate the sand then boil or microwave until evaporated and you will have the salt.

How will you separate a mixture of salt and sand will it be different if the mixture consists of iron filling instead of salt explain?

we can separate salt and sand by solving the mixture into water salt is soluble but sand is not .

Is sand and salt heterogeneous?

The mixture sand-salt is heterogeneous.

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