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Enzymes generally have an optimal temperature range and increasing or deceasing away from this range decreases the effectiveness of a protein, but this process is reversible. Conformational changes are important to the function of many enzymes and thermal energy tends to influence them greatly, low temperature limit them. Increasing temperature can enhance the reactions process up to a point.

Enzymes are proteins and when proteins are heated to above their temperature threshold they begin to change their 3d structure and become ineffective. The same happens to enzymes, those enzymes can no longer work properly when their 3d structure is altered due to the increase in temperature.

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Q: How does temperature affect an enzyme?
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Temperature and can affect enzyme activity?


How does temperature affect enzyme?

If the temperature is high the enzyme gets denatured .. if too low it gets inactive

How do TIME affect enzyme activity?

Time does not affect enzyme activity. Amount of enzymes, amount of reactions and factors like temperature and ph affect enzyme activity.

What environment factors can affect the activity of an enzyme?


How temperature and pH affect enzyme activity?

temperature and pH are very important factor in enzyme activity because temperature can be define as the hotness or coldness of a body and an enzyme activity takes place in a body. pH is the acidity or alkalinity of medium therefore pH and temperature affect enzyme activity.

How does a lower temperature affect enzyme activity?

It slows down enzyme activity while a higher temperature will increase activity. If the temperature gets too high, it may denature the enzyme

Temperature and what can affect enzyme activity?

Ph level, enzyme concentration, substrate concentration etc

What factors can affect the effectiveness of an enzyme?

temperature and the amount of enzymes

What environmental factors affect enzyme shape?

pH and temperature

What can affect the speed of the enzyme action?

Temperature and ph level.

What are 3 factors that affect the speed of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction?

3 factors that affect the speed of an enzyme catalysed reaction are: .Temperature .Enzyme Concentartion .Substrate concentration

What 2 factors can affect an enzyme from working properly?

pH and Temperature both impact the enzyme's function.What_factors_affect_enzyme_production

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