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Solution, colloid, and suspension

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Q: In a colloid solution or suspension particles are dispersed throughout the mixture. What is the order of these three types of mixtures from the smallest particle size to the largest?
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Mixtures with floating particles are known as?

A suspension.

What type of mixtures particles are spread evenly throughout?

Homogeneous mixtures, or solutions.

Is air a suspension mixtures?

A suspension is a mixture of liquids with particles of a solid which may not dissolve in the liquid. Therefore, air would be a suspension.

How does a colloid differ from a suspension?

Solutions and suspensions are very different kinds of mixtures. Solutions are homogeneous mixtures with very small particles. Suspensions are heterogeneous mixtures with large particles. As you may have guesses, there are also mixtures, called colloids have particles that are larger than the particles in solutions and smaller that those in a suspension. The properties of colloids differ from the properties of solutions and suspensions.

Which mixture has the smallest particles compound colloid suspension or solution?

A solution has the smallest particles, of the mixtures that you list.

What are three ways to tell the difference between a solution and a suspension?

a suspension does not have the same properties as a solutions does. solutions and suspension also differ in the size of their particles and the way the parts of the mixtures can be separated.

What are Mixtures in which particles of one substance are large enough to settle out of another substance?


What are some examples of suspension mixtures?

what are some suspension mixtures

Difference between syrup and a suspension?

syrup is a concentrated mixture of sugar and purified water.Suspensions are mixtures of fine particles of an undissolved solid distributed through gas,liquid, or solid. Most suspensions are solids dispersed in liquids.

What is the difference of a solution and a suspension?

Suspension-Mixtures of water and nondissolved material. Solutions-All of the components are evenly distributed throughout the solution like its breaks apart and disperses

Are mixtures homogeneous?

Not always. There are 3 types of mixtures: heterogeneous, homogeneous, colloid, and alloys. These are the properties of these 3 mixtures:Heterogeneous: mixtures that can be easily separated Exp.: trail mixHomogeneous: mixtures that looks the same throughout and can be evenly mixed Exp.: salt waterColloid: a mechanical mixture where one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another.So here are the properties of these mixtures. Now you know that not all mixtures are homogeneous.

A type of mixture with particles that are larger those in solutions but not heavy enough to settle out?

There are several types of mixtures. One with particles that are larger than a solute and solution is a colloid, where the particles remain in suspension.

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