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No. It's better than renewable. The definition of renewable is that after the energy is consumed that the source can be replaced. But the amount of energy in Thorium is so dense that one persons lifetime need of electricity can be obtained from a Thorium sphere the size of a Golf ball.

If it is used in a Molten Salt Reactor, yes it's mildly radioactive, the design is unique and if used properly can achieve 200 times as much energy compared to the same amount of Uranium in a conventional nuclear reactor. Conventional reactors only use 5% of the fuel. Molten salt reactors use 99% of the fuel. But Uranium is still useful for getting the reaction started. Thorium is three times more abundant than Uranium.

Renewable energy sources will not produce as much energy for the amount of land and resources used.

Solar energy is not totally renewable since it uses toxic chemicals to make the panels and they need backup energy sources (baseload) when the sun's not shining.

Wind is not totally renewable since they needed backup energy when the wind's not blowing. The backup energy recommended in recent years is natural gas which causes pollution and carbon dioxide and would contribute to global warming.

The other reason wind and solar are not totally renewable is that they use a huge amount of land to produce the quantity needed if they are expected to replace non-renewable energy sources such as coal and natural gas.

You might ask why we are not building Molten Salt Reactors. The answer is complicated but you should know. Nuclear Energy has frightened people since it was first used in a nuclear bomb.

When nuclear reactors were still new and when the government wanted a technology that could assist them in the process of enriching Uranium for nuclear weapons the Molten Salt Reactor worked without pure Uranium that was needed for weapons so the more radioactive and more expensive solution was chosen for political reasons.

Also Russia's irresponsible design of a nuclear reactor in Chernobyl without a containment vessel resulted in a dangerous release of radiation because they decided to bypass the expensive containment process that all nuclear reactors now have.

The over publicized Three Mile Island incident got a lot of attention partly because of the lack of knowledge therefore general irrational fear and the inconvenient fiction of the The China Syndrome film made around the same time as the accident.

Ironically the better safer choice the Molten Salt Reactor was abandoned. Molten Salt Reactors will not cause a melt down. They are designed to shut down when temperatures get too high. They also require no water and run without pressurized steam.

So Nuclear Energy may not be renewable but it's sustainable and renewables are not nearly as sustainable except maybe hydro and Nuclear is safer than Hydro.

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Q: Is Thorium renewable
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