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sooty flame refers to the flame produces after burning, which shows incomplete combustion, i.e, insufficient supply of oxygen.

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Q: What is a sooty flame?
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Why does benzene burn with sooty flame?

Benzene does burn with a sooty flame because the carbon content is more than hydrogen.

What is sooty flame?

A "sooty flame" indicates that incomplete combustion is taking place. The most likely cause for incomplete combustion is lack of oxygen.

Why aromatic compound gives sooty flame?

Due to the more carbon content w.r.t hydrogen of aromatic compounds, they burn with sooty flame.

Is sooty flame a luminous or non luminous?


What is sooty and non sooty flame and why it is occurred?

A lack of oxygen in the combustion process causes a sooty yellow flame and produce excess carbon monoxide. Excessive CO can be immediately dangerous to life in an enclosed space.

Why carbon tetrachloride gives sooty flame?

it's may be that in CCl4 the carbon is covered with 4 chlorine atoms so incomplete combustion occur and so it give the sooty flame....

Why is a luminous flame sooty?

Incomplete combustion - too little oxygen - the flame colour is from unburnt carbon.

What organic compound is flammable and will burn with a sooty flame?

hydrocarbons, in general.

What organic compound is flammable and burns with a sooty flame?

hydrocarbons, in general.

Is a sooty flame contains gases and tiny solid particles?


Why does cyclohexane burn with a sooty flame?

For the same reason anything else burns with a sooty flame--not enough oxygen. What happens is, the outside of the flame gets all the air it wants, and the little oxygen that makes it through isn't enough to properly combust the fuel. If you mix air with the fuel before you burn it, as is done in a carburetor or a welding torch, you don't get a sooty flame.

What are elements when hydrocarbon burns?

When a hydrocarbon is burnt in the presenceof oxygen it gives heat, light, and carbon dioxide gas producing a sooty or non-sooty flame

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