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Propane...butane freezes too easily

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Q: What is better to take camping butane or propane?
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Can take propane bottles for camping on plane?

Check with the airline you are traveling with.

How many litres of liquified petroleum gas makes one kg of gas?

The density of LPG depends on the mix between butane and propane. Liquid butane is about 0.6 SG and propane about 0.5 SG (specific gravity). If you take the mean 0.55 SG this means 1.8 liters of liquid will give 1 kg of gas.

Keep Enough Propane?

Propane powered generators are great for a lot of situations. You can use them when the power goes out at your home in the winter or summer, or you can take them with you in the woods when you are camping. However, you need to make sure you have enough propane to last because if the power is out, the gas pumps that supply the propane probably won't work.

What dried foods can you take on a camping trip?

what food can you dry and take on a camping trip

What are camping items?

You can take a look in my website what's camping items =) Techammock

Do you take a pillow camping?

sure, i do

What to take for you cat camping?

Do propane grills take a certain grade of propane?

Most propane grills use a general propane that can be bought in any store. Portable propane grills often come with their own propane tank, therefore making there be no need to choose your own propane.

What can you use instead of butane in your lighter not propane?

What this "(The reason is because Propane has a higher ignition temperature then Butane and because of this it can not be lit by Flint shards.)" Is way not correct!!! Thats not correct at all obviously whomever said that propane cant be ignited with flint shards has not a clue as I just lit a propane torch with a empty bic lighter using only the striker! Also oxy/acetylin for cuttining and welding steel wich burns even hotter! (think about it) what is the most comminly way used to light a oxy/acety torch ? answer a flint striker ! If you have ever seen one then you know what I am talking about ! If you dont believe this then just take a propane torch and go ahead and light it with a dead lighter and you to wil see proof in the poof! LOL

Is it easy to take a downdraft cooktop with you camping?

It is easy to take a downdraft cook top with you camping because it can be easily stored in tight places and is light-weight. When you take it camping it can be used anywhere and it is very portable.

An example of two Class B fire fuels would be?

Propane Gasoline Ethyl alcohol (pure - or at least 50+ proof) Kerosene Natural gas Charcoal lighter fluid Butane etc. Etc. ETC. (take your pick)

Can you take vinyl records camping?

No. Go camping to enjoy the camping experience. Don't bring any of those electronic devices either.

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