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AnswerThis is the energy change which occurs when 1 mole of water is formed during a neutralization reaction between an acid and an alkali
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Q: What is heat of neutralization?
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How do you calculate heat of neutralization?

Heat of neutralization is equal to mass of substance multiplied by change in temperature multiplied by specific heat capacity.

Define the heat of neutralization?

Heat of neutralization describes one of the effects of mixing a base with an equally strong acid. This neutralizes the substance, which changes the substance's heat as a result.

Is heat of neutralisation concentration dependent?

No. The rate of the neutralization reaction is concentration dependent, but the "heat of neutralization" is defined on a molar basis already, so it is not.

Why does the temperature increase and decrease during neutralization?

Neutralization is an exothermic chemical reaction and thus heat is given out.

What is the heat of neutralization between ch3cooh plus naoh?


Does changing the concentration of an acid affect the temperature at neutralisation?

Yes, heat of neutralization is directly proportional to the concentration of the acid. the more the concentration the more the heat emitted at the time of neutralization.

What is heat of neutralization between HCl and NaOH?

-55.8 KJ/mol

What is heat of neutralization of nh4oh and ch3cooh?

Ch3cooh+nh4oh-->ch3coonh4 +h2o

What is the heat of neutralization of nitric acid?

The Enthalpy of neutralization of all strong acids are almost the same. It is between -58 to -59 kilojoules per mole.

Does the heat of neutralization reaction depend on the number of hydrogen atoms in a molecule of acid?


Is heat of neutralization same for every acid-base pair?

no every acid base pair does not have same heat of neutralisation.

In a neutralization reaction hydronium ions react with hydroxide ions to produce what?

Water and heat

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