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This would be impossible to achieve.

Excessive consumption would lead to vomiting, preventing any futher ingestion of water.

Edit: the person that initially answered this is wrong. Water does have an LD50, and for rats it's 90 ml/kg. It should be something similar to that for humans. Here's a woman that died in a water drinking contest from water intoxification:

This has nothing to do with the presence of water, but rather the lack of electrolytes such as salt. Drinking water uses up your body's "supply" of salt, and if it gets used up completely, your brain can no longer transmit electrical signals and you die. If you get a steady supply of salt with the water, you won't have any problems no matter how much water you drink, but as the first answer said, there is a limit to how much water you can drink before your body refuses to take any more, and anything you drink just gets vomited out.

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Q: What is the LD50 for water?
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