What is the chemical symbol for urea?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The chemical formula (rather not 'symbol') of urea (Amino methanamide, carbamide) is (NH2)2C=O .

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Q: What is the chemical symbol for urea?
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What is nh2conh2?

CO(NH2)2 is the chemical formula for the organic compound urea. Urea is generated by the excretory systems of animals.

What is Formula of urea?

The Chemical formula of Urea is CO(NH2)2 its empirical formula is just the same as its chemical formula. Urea has a molecular weight of 60.06gm.

What produces a chemical called urea which end up in urine?


What is second name of urea?

carbamide is the other chemical name of urea.

Chemical equation of urea in chemistry?

2 NH3 + CO2 → H2N-COONH4 H2N-COONH4 → (NH2)2CO + H2O those two steps are how urea is made commericaly

Chemical symbol for indium?

The chemical symbol for indium is In

Symbol for chemical curium?

The chemical symbol of curium is Cm.

What chemical is made from ammonia that excreted in the urine?

Our liver converts ammonia into urea. This urea is excreted out in the urine.

Is a synthetically produced urea organic or inorganic?

Urea is organic regardless of how it is produced. Its chemical formula is: CO(NH2)2

What chemical symbol is the symbol for molybdenum?

The molybdenum chemical symbol is Mo.

How does urea affect dyeing of fabrics?

Urea helps the dye penetrate the fabric. Moisture is an important component of the chemical reaction process with dyes, and urea helps draw moisture to the chemical reaction. Urea also helps to keep the fabric damp long enough for the reaction to occur.

What is the chemical formula of vinegar and urea?

Vinegar= HC2H3O2 Urea= R-N-C(O)-N-R