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The molar mass of CoCl2.6H2O is 237,93.

But if you thinked to CoCl3 the molar mass is 165,291.

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Q: What is the molar mass of CoCl3 x 6H2O?
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What is the percentage of water in the hydrate CoCl2 x 6H2O?

21.7%The above answer is incorrect.Find the molar mass (MM) of hydrate (cobalt chloride hexahydrate).MM CoCl2: 129.8g+ MM 6H2O: 108.1gMM CoCl2 x 6H2O: 237.9gFind the percentage of water in hydrate.Divide the mass of water lost by the mass of the hydrate (substance before water is removed).108.1g237.9g x 100%Percent water of hydrate is 45.43%Finding molar mass# atoms Element A x atomic mass Element A = Mass A# atoms Element B x atomic mass Element B = Mass B... etc.Add up all the mass values above and you have molar mass.

Mass of 3 moles of ammonia?

Molar mass of ammonia = (14.01 + 3.03) (Molar mass of nitrogen + 3 times molar mass of hydrogen, as chemical formula of ammonia is NH3). Molar mass= 17.04 Molar mass x moles = mass 17.04 x 3 = 51.12 Mass of 3 moles of ammonia is 51.12g.

Mass of a mole?

The molar mass of an element is its atomic weight in grams. The molar mass of a molecule or compound is the sum of the subscripts times the molar masses in grams. For example, the molar mass of hydrogen, H, is 1.00794g and the molar mass of oxygen, O, is 15.9994g. The molar mass of water, H2O, is (2 x 1.00794g) + (1 x 15.9994g O) = 18.01528g.

Determine the mass of 21 mol N?

number of moles = mass/molar mass mass = number of moles x molar mass 21mol x 14gmol-1 = 294g molar mass of Nitrogen is 14, which you can find on a periodic table

How to find the percent of water in a hydrate?

1. Find the molar mass of the hydrate.Find the molar mass of the water molecules (18.01528 x # water molecules) and of the anhydrate; add the values together to find the molar mass of the hydrate.Molar Mass Water + Molar Mass Anhydrate = Molar Mass Hydrate2. Find the percent of water in hydrate.Divide the molar mass of water by the molar mass of hydrate; multiply by 100%.- Mass waterMass hydrate x 100%

How do you calculate the formula mass in amu?

Ex. C2H2 Formula mass calculation: (2 x Molar mass of Carbon) + (2 x Molar mass of Hydrogen) = ___ amu molar masses can be obtained from periodic table

What is the molar mass of MgBr2?

Molar mass of Mg is 24 and of Br is 80. Hence, molar mass of MgBr2 is 24 +2 x 80=184g

What is the molar mass of nitrogen gas?

Atmospheric nitrogen is diatomic (N2). The molar mass is 2x the molar mass of monatomic N. 2 x 14.01 = 28.02 g/mol = molar mass N2.

What is the molar mass of S8?

S8 = Sulfur (32.06) x 8 = Molar Mass = 256.48 g/mol

What is the molar mass of CaBr2?

the molar mass is basically 20 for Ca and Br is 35 X 2 = 90

What is the mass of 2.5 mol ca which has a molar of 40g mol?

Well ... Mass = mol x molar Mass = 2.5mol x 40g/mol = 100g Hope this helps :)

What is the molar mass of C11H12O11?

The molar mass of a chemical compound is equal to the sum of the molar masses of all the atoms in one molecule of the compound. The molar mass for each element is its atomic weight in g/mol. The molar mass of C11H12O11 is: C x 12.0107g/mol x 11 = 132.118 g/mol H x 1.00794g/mol x 12 = 12.0953 g/mol O x 15.9994g/mol x 11 = 175.993 g/mol ------------------------------------------------------ Total molar mass of C11H12O11 = 320.206 g/mol

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