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Curiously, this most common of atomic parts has only a fuzzy estimate of size.

Linus Pauling says "The radius of the electron has not been determined exactly, but it is known to be less than 1 X 10-13 cm".

So roughly the electron is 1/1000 the size of a proton. Maybe. But a cooler answer is-- physicists are annoyed by the question. A good case can be made for other sizes, even huge sizes....because the properties of the electron OTHER than it's size are the ONLY important ones. In fact the size of atomic pieces smaller than the nucleus usually does not matter at all....and may in fact have no meaning. After all, how do you propose to measure these guys?

The electron is known to be a point particle down to a limit of 10^-18m. It, as far as we know does not have a classical "size".

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Q: What is the size of an electron?
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What do you think happens to the size of the electron when it loses and electron?

The ATOM decreases in size when it loses an electron and increases when electrons are added.

What is the size of a nucles?

what is of an electron

Does a electron cloud have a specific size?

It is impossible to know exactly where an electron is. Thus, the size of an electron cloud can be given only in terms of probability. Even then, the size of the electron cloud depends on how many electrons an atom possesses.

Size of this determines the size of the atom?

THIS is the electron cloud.

What happens to the size of an atom when it gains or loses electrons?

When an atom gains an electron it increases in size, and when it loses an electron it decreases in size.

Which is smallest in size an ion electron neutron or atom?

electron is the smallest

What is the size of an atom versus an electron?

an atom is larger than an electron

What does the electron affinity depend on?


Size and shape of an electron cloud are most closely related to the electron's?


An electron is the largest part of an atom?

An electron is not the largest part of an atom. An electron is the smallest component of an atom. Relatively, if a neutron or proton were 1 unit in size, an electron would be 1/1840 units in size.

If the electron in a hydrogen atom were the size and weight of a golf ball what would be the size and weight of the proton and neutron and what would be the orbital diameters of the electron and neutr?

If the electron were the size of a golf ball, the proton would be about the size of a basketball and the electron would be orbiting about 8000 meters away (assuming the Bohr model of the atom).

Why is the size of a laser or electron beam measured in milliradians?

The size of a laser or electron beam is measured in milliradians. This is because they are subject to divergence.

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