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Candles smell because they have fragrance oils in them that put off the smell once the candle is lit.

Some candles may have a certain amount of essential oils in them without the fragrance/essential oils they would not have a smell besides the smell of the wax itself that puts off little to no smell at all.

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Q: What makes a candle smell?
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Does a scented candle burn faster then a unscented candle?

It shouldn't unless something added to it makes it burn faster. Even a non-scented candle really has a smell, the smell of melting wax.

Does the flame destroy the candle?

No. It just makes the wick burn slower. However, technically part of the candle is "destroyed" hence why you can smell the scent of the candle.

What is Selena Gomez's favorite candle smell?

Her favorite candle smell is rose.

Do candles smell good?

Yes and no, it depends on whether perfumes have been added to the candle. If perfumes have been added, then yes, the candle will smell good. If no perfumes are added, the candle will smell like absoltely nothing. With that said, whether you like the specific smell of the candle it up to you.

What makes a candle burn slowly?

a small wick which will make a small flame will make a candle burn more slowly thus letting less smell into the air.

What does a candle smell like?

A candle can smell many different scents like fruits or flowers. Also, there are some that just smell plain nasty!

What do you do with a Yankee candle?

you light them and they smell nice

Why does a candle smell?

I really like Aubrey Stynes

What is a candle dipper?

what is a candle dipper

How do you use the word candle using personification?

The candle, has become a tool for giving light and, or a nice smell.

What is the purpose of a candle?

to provide light, heat and a good smell

How can you observe gas in air without seeing them?

we can smell the gas like if there is a candle which is lit when we will blow we can smell the smell of the coming out pf it

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