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1. Recall the important idea that Democritus had 2000 years ago about the substances that make up the world.

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Q: What was the important idea that democritus had 2000 years ago about the substances that make up the world?
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Do you know who is Leucippus?

Leucippus and Democritus were important Greek philosophers from the antiquity. Leucippus was the first to have the idea of an atomic structure of all kinds of matter, 2500 years ago. Democritus was his disciple.

Who was democritus's family?

Democritus's family was an small one found in ancient Greece about 2000 years ago.

Who said atoms are uncuttable?

Yes, atoms are uncuttable by chemical processes.

Where did democritus?

Democritus studied mostly in Thrace, Athens, and Abdera, Greece. He lived to be about 90 years old, dying in about 370 BC.

Why the ideas of Democritus were not useful in a scientific sense?

The ideas of Democritus (and Leukippus) were intuitive, not experimental; his ideas were too advanced to 2500 years ago

What contributions did Democritus make?

democritus is greek scientific philisoper!

What is the idea that everything is made up of small particles?

The idea of atomic structure of the world was proposed intuitively by Leukippus and Democritus 2 500 years ago.

What is democritus ang lencippus?

Leucippus or Leukippos was a Greek scientist who lived sometime around 450-500 years BCE. He was one of the earliest scientists to come up with the theory of atomism, that everything is made up of particles that cannot be divided up any further. The Greeks called these particles "atoms".

When did democritus do his research?

He did his main schooling in Egypt for about seven years.

What was a shortcoming of democritus's description of the atom?

Democritus's ideas were not helpful in explaining chemical behavior because they lacked experimental support.

Why did it take 2000 years for scientists to confirm some of Democritus ideas about atoms?

Democritus gave a theory, but Aristotle shut him out. Everybody forgot about this, and there was no one looking into this, no progress was being made.

What are two reasons that Democritus' ideas were not useful in a scientific way?

- Democritus and Leukipus ideas were not based on experiments (impossible 2 500 years ago)- These ideas were too advanced for that era