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You need to mention the unit for 2,61.

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Q: When 2.61 of solid Na2CO3 is dissolved is sufficient water to make 250 mL of solution the concentration of Na2CO3 is?
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How is an aqueous solution of Na2CO3 basic in nature?

When dissolved in water, Na2CO3 dissociates into two ions. The carbonate can pull hydrogen ions away from water molecules, leaving hydroxide ions. The hydroxide ions are what causes the solution to be basic.

What mass is required to make 2N solution of Na2co3 calculate mass of sodim carbonate which will be dissolved in 500 ccc?


What is the weight in grams of a 0.5 N Na2CO3 used in determining the concentration of unknown HCl solution?

A 0.5N Na2CO3 used in determining the concentration of an unknown HCl solution has a weight of 1.06 grams. To find the weight, you need to first find out how many moles there are by calculating molarity times volume.

Standardization of hcl solution with primary standard na2co3 solution?

solution containig (3.3)gm na2co3 .h2o in (15ml)

What is the nature of aqueous solution of Na2CO3?

It is a basic (alkaline) solution.

How do you standardize the sulfuric acid solution?

0.2g Na2CO3 dissolved into 25ml DI Water. Methyl Orange is used 2 to 3 drops is a indicator. then we take normal solution of 0.02N H2SO4 in beurate . note the volume consumed of H2SO4. put these value in formula formula N H2SO4= wt of Na2CO3 * volume of Na2CO3 used/ 53 * volume of H2SO4 consumed repeat this process

If 6.73g of Na2CO3 is dissolved in enough water to make 250ml of solution what is the molarity of the sodium carbonate what are the molar concentrations of the Na plus and CO32- ions?

6.73g (1 mole of Na2CO3/106g) = 0.063mol/0.25L = 0.25M Na2CO3 2 moles of Na+ x 0.25M = 0.5M Na+ 1 mole of CO32- x 0.25M = 0.25M CO3

What is the pH of Na2CO3?

The pH of sodium carbonate solution is about 11.

How many moles of Na2CO3 are there in 10.0 L of 2.0 M soluton?

Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution Or, for our purposes, Moles of solute = Liters of solution * Molarity Moles Na2CO3 = 10.0 Liters * 2.0 M = 20 moles Na2CO3 --------------------------

Why is Na2Co3 a primary standard solution?

na2co3 is primary standard,because,molarity remains same with time,and it is of high molecular weight

What is the purpose of adding MnSO4 in Winkler's method?

determine the dissolved oxygen(BOD).iodometryMnSO4+Na2CO3

Nature of aqeous solution of Na2CO3?

Sodium carbonate is dissociated in water.

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