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when they form compounds with metals or other non-metals

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Q: When is energy given off by most nonmetals?
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When is energy given off most nonmetals?

when they form compounds with metals or other non-metals

What is most energy given off as?

It depends what it is... if you were talking about a light bulb for instance.. more heat energy is given off than light.

Most of the energy of an incandescent bulb is given off as?


Atoms of which group on the periodic table give off the most energy when forming negative ions?

Nonmetals, they fill out their outermost energy level by gaining electrons.

When energy is being transferred what kind of energy is given off the most?

That depends on the specific situation.

Is energy given or taken off with electrons?

It is given off

How does the amount of energy in batteries in a flashlight compare to the total amount of energy given off byt the flashlight as light and heat?

All of the energy in the battery, or most of it, is eventually given off as heat and light.

What energy is given off by Luminous objects?

Light energy is given off by luminous objects.

When oxidized what has the most energy per gram?

Fat has the most energy given off when oxidized. About three times more than Carbohydrates. Protein gives off very little energy when its oxidized.

What form of energy is given off by a flashlight?

A flashlight is given off light and heat energy once turn on.

What energy is given off by the sun travels through space?

ALL the energy given off by the Sun travels through space because if the sun has given it out, there is nowhere else it could go. Most of the energy is electromagnetic, with its peak intensity in the visible part of the spectrum.

Does energy get released when chemicals react?

Yes, energy is given off when chemicals react. Since energy can be heat or light it is also given off.

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