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because of the yellow flame, yellow is a bright coulor...........

Scientific term.........

The collar is closed to get luminous flame and collar open to

get non- luminous flame....

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Q: Why is luminous flame named luminous flame?
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Which is more hotter a luminous flame or non-luminous flame?

Non-luminous flame

Differentiate a luminous flame and a non-luminous flame?

luminous flame emits light, non-luminous doesn't

What are Two kinds of flame?

Non-luminous flame and Luminous flame

Is luminous flame steady or unsteady?

luminous flame

What is the difference between luminous and non luminous?

-A non-luminous flame is when the air hole of the Bunsen burner is closed but a luminous flame is produced when the air hole is opened.-A luminous flame has an outer of orange colour and an inner of blue. A non-luminous flame has an outer of blue and an inner of orange.-A luminous flame produces soot while a non-luminous does not produce soot.-A luminous flame is weak and unsteady. A non-luminous flame is strong and steady.-A non-luminous flame is very hot while a luminous flame is not too hot.

What are the two kinds of flame?

luminous and non-luminous flame.

How can you change a non-luminous flame to a luminous flame?


Which is better the luminous or non-luminous flame?

Non-luminous flame is hotter and burn more efficiently than luminous flame as it burn all the carbon atoms. Plus, luminous flame produces soot.

What is non-luminous flame?

non-luminous flame is the kind of flame color yellow

Is the temperature of a luminous flame greater ot less than that of a nonluminous flame?

The temperature of a luminous flame's less than a non-luminous flame

Is a candle flame luminous?

No it is not luminous!

What is makes the flame luminous?

Glowing gases make the flame luminous.

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