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Q: Receiving scholarship money to play basketball in college is a form of?
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What it called when you receiving scholarship money to play basketball?

Merit Based Aid

Why do you apply for this scholarship?

That scholarship will be free money to help you in college.

Can I keep the scholarship money if I don't go to college?


Do you need to know what college you are going to to apply for a scholarship?

Yes and no. Some are general scholarships, but to receive it you do have to be enrolled in a college. The scholarship usually sends the money directly to the financial offices of the college to prevent someone from taking money and not attending college.

How much money does a college basketball player earn?

Free college instead of money

How do you get free money for college?

There are a ton of scholarship opportunities out there! What you need to do is learn how to make your scholarship applications stand out and be noticed by the judges.

What to do if not offered scholarship?

You have to get money from other sources. Try student loans if you can not win any scholarships. Even when you are already in college, however, you can still apply for scholarship money.

How can you go to college if you have no money?

Try getting a scholarship. There are millions of scholarship and you don't have to be smart to get them. Just go to and see which one is right for you.

How do you get a scholarship to become a vet?

I don't know if they have an scholarship for Veterinarians but if you need money for college you should sign up for it is free and easy.

What is a partial scholarship?

When someone gets a little money for college, but not all of it.

What is meant by scholarship websites?

A scholarship website is a way for college students to possibly receive money to attend school. Scholarships are free is a really good site I would check it out if you are needing extra school money.

Is it possible to get a scholarship for college soccer?

College scholarships for soccer are possible. According to the website College Sports Scholarship, coaches choose how to divide up scholarship money across a team. Division I men's soccer teams can have 9.9 scholarships while Division I women's teams may have up to 14. Other divisions have other limits.