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Q: Where is university life insurance company of America Indianapolis?
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What insurance company advertises at a Major League Baseball team in Indianapolis?

There are no major league baseball teams in Indianapolis.

Is Golden rule insurance a company or rule of insurance?

Golden Rule Insurance is an insurance company offering various health insurance coverage plans, auto insurance coverage and homeowners insurance. They are affiliated with Unites Healthcare Company and are based out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Where is University Life Insurance Company of America Indianaopolis Indiana am looking for contact information for a policy taken out in 1968?

I am also looking for contact information on Univeristy Life Insurance Co. University Life Insurance Company was liquidated by the domicile state's DOI in 1987. The liquidation was discharged in 1989.

Who bought out the Empire Life and Accident Insurnace Company in Indianapolis IN?

They were bought many years ago by Commonwealth Insurance company in Louisville. My dad was an agent for them in Lafayette, In and Indianapolis about 1950

How do you find an old insurance company named Wabash Life Insurance Company located in Indianapolis IN?

1-800-525-7662. It is now called Conseco

When was Guardian Life Insurance Company of America created?

Guardian Life Insurance Company of America was created in 1860.

Which company in Indiana will give me a car insurance quote?

Huntington Insurance, located at 45 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN.

What insurance company has the code number 303?

Fiduciary Insurance Company Of America.

What is the phone number for National States Insurance Company?

United insurance company of america

What company bought modern security life insurance company?

Reassure America Life Insurance Company, Jacksonville, IL

What company acquired Colonial Life Insurance Company of America?


What insurance company has code 810?

Mercury Indemnity Company of America