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NO 99% of them are friends there are a few instances where they could not stand each other but it doesn't happen often

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A lot of the action in WWE is staged and the wrestlers do not actually hate each other in real life. Some may be close friends while others are not.

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Q: Are wwe superstars real friends or do they actually hate each other?
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Are Jeff hardy batista friends?

all wwe superstars are friends. They just act like they hate each other.

Are the people in the WWE really mad at each other?

no, in real life some wwe superstars are friends but some really hate each other

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Do the WWE superstars like each other?

* YES. They like each other very much,and they travel the whole world together.

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Well when John Morrison was Johnny Nitro he was actually going out with Melina. Now Matt Hardy Is going out with Maria. " which i think is the hottest diva in the WWE!

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Do WWE wrestlers like each other off the show?

wwe superstars can like or hate each other like you can like other just like u

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