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Q: Can the case be resolved at a pretrial conference even when you are pleading Not Guilty as defense of self defense in a criminal case?
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What is a pre-trial conference?

A pretrial conference is a meeting where the lawyers in a lawsuit meet with the judge assigned to hear the trial in order to iron out any trial preparation issues that may still exist in order to avoid having them crop up at the time of trial and cause a delay in the trial date. Typically, issues such as this are treated, discussed and resolved. The parties to the lawsuit are usually not permitted to be part of the pretrial conference, because it is essentially a procedural step. No testimony from parties or witnesses will be taken.

What do a resolved case means?

I was attacked by my neighbor, she alleged that she was the one attacked. after she gave her report to the police, her next statement that she was to give to the follow-up detective the next day, did not at all match her police report after the altercation. will this be taken into consideration at my pretrial conference.

Differences in House and Senate bills are resolved by?

Conference committee

What are most criminal cases resolved by?

A plea of guilty - usually to a lesser offense.

How can you get your criminal records expunged?

Criminal records can be expunged by paying fines, having the case resolved and requested to be expunged with the respected authorities and judicial offices.

What percentage of criminal cases are resolved by plea bargaining process?

Approximately 90-95% of criminal cases in the United States are resolved through plea bargaining, where the defendant agrees to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence or charges being reduced or dropped.

When does the bill go to a conference committee?

When each house of congress passes a different version of a bill and those differences must be resolved.

What is a status conference in superior courts?

Generally, it is a conference between the Judge and the parties usually by their attorneys to determine whether the case is ready to be set for trial or whether there are still things to be resolved first such as "discovery" or settlement possibilities.

What percent of criminal cases end with guilty pleas?

Approximately 90% of all federal sentences are the result of guilty pleas.

If an illegal alien in Australia committed a criminal offence and police is looking for him but he wants to go back to his country will immigration allows him to leave?

He cannot. Unless they have resolved the criminal case in Australia and the court has allowed him to leave.

When a case is resolved through a negotiated agreement before a full trial is completed this is called?

civil trial is a settlement criminal trial is a plea agreement

Is it possible for a lower criminal court to sentence a defendant to 5 years in prison?

Yes. Most felony cases are heard and resolved in the lower court of original jurisdiction.