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yes.. triple h is also part of the family due to him marrying vinces daughter steph. ..

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Q: In WWE is the McMahon family a family for real or are they acting?
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Who is the real owner of WWE?

Llnda McMahon

Is WWE real or just acting?

WWE(world wrestling entertainment) is just acting not real.

Who is real owner of WWE?

Vince Kennedy McMahon

Who is Stephanie McMahon's real dad?

Her parents are WWE's Vince McMahon and US Senate candidate Linda McMahon.

How is vickie Guerrero and McMahon in charge of WWE?

Vickie is only the storyline Raw "Managing Supervisor". She has no real power. Vince McMahon is the owner/CEO of WWE.

What is the real name of the WWE superstar vince mchaman?

Vincent Kennedy McMahon Vincent James McMahon (father)

Is WWE vince McMahon in a coma?

not in real life, only on show

Do James Maslow and Stephanie McMahon love each other?

No. Stephanie McMahon is in real life married to Triple H (WWE Wrestler)

Is WWE wresteling real?

WWE is fake but the chair shots, blood and weapons are real. In reality, wrestling grapples, strikes and interferences etc. are fake and scripted by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Who made WWE?

TNA Wrestling's majority owner is Panda Energy who owns 71% while Jeff Jarrett owns 29%. Jeff Jarrett does not own any part of TNA he sold out of it years ago

Who Is The Chairman Of The WWE?

The current chairman of the WWE (world wrestling entertainment) is Vince McMahon but either Triple h, Stephanie McMahon or Shane McMahon could be taking over if Vince retires

Where is Sthephanie McMahon?

She left the WWE after her family was repeatedly brutally attacked by Randy Orton, She is spending time with her husband HHH and her family.