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Syed al tamash syed al khazi syed al qumash

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Q: Names of members of Mexican mafia tna wrestling?
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Names of members of the Mexican mafia?

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Are whites allowed in the Mexican mafia?

The name says it all MEXICAN Mafia which would mean only MEXICANS are allowed in the MEXICAN Mafia.

When was the Mexican Mafia formed?

The Mexican Mafia was formed in 1957. It was formed by a group of thirteen Hispanic street gang members. It was known by the name of La Eme, which is what the gang members called themselves.

What gang color is TBS?

TBS 13 aka True Brown Style 13, is an Asian Sureno's gang under the Mexican Mafia. All gangs under the Mexican Mafia wear the colors blue & white. Yes, that's right, an ASIAN gang in the MEXICAN Mafia. The Mexican Mafia accepts members of all races, u don't only have to be Mexican to join the Mexican Mafia.

Who created the Mexican mafia?

The Mexican Mafia got it start when a number of incarcerated street gang members joined togerther in 1950 while locked up in Deuel Vocational Institution.

Where are majority of Mexican mafia members located?

mostly California and Mexico specifically Chihuahua

What the Mexican mafia repesent?

The Mexican Mafia represents La Raza, they're for Mexican Pride....

When did Mexican Motor Mafia happen?

Mexican Motor Mafia happened in 2005.

When was Mexican Motor Mafia created?

Mexican Motor Mafia was created in 2005.

What is the Mexican mafia?

the Mexican mafia is a gang inside a prison in cali that started in the 1950

Names of female members of Mafia Wars?

It is commonly known as being MAFIOSO.

Who started the-Mexican mafia?

The Mexican Mafia was started in the 1950's in Tracy, Cali at the Deuel Vicational Institution. Their founder is Luis ''Huero Buff'' Flores, most hispanic gangs in Southern California work under the Mexican Mafia or pay a tax to them. Gangs who work under Mexican Mafia are:Surenos, Eighteen Street Gang, MS-13 just to name a few. Their main rivals are gangs who work under Nuestra Familia ex:Nortenos, Fresno Bulldogs etc. Mexican Mafias are allies of the Crips which also means that gangs under Mexican Mafia war with Bloods as well. *Their Allies are:Crips gang, Sinaloa Cartel, Tijuana Cartel etc. *Real members of Mexican Mafia do not associate with aryan brotherhood *Blacks, Whites, Asians, Arabics, Etc. are welcomed to join Mexican Mafia but it mostly consist of hispanics