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He probably has underwear, he just haven't taken his pants of.

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Q: Why do they only show naruto in his underwear because Sasuke is always getting his shirt torn off and not a sight of them maybe he doesn't wear any?
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its always bad, because it is always unhygenic, no matter how many times you wash your underwear.......wat possible good reason is there?

Who is Sakura Haruno most likely going to be with?

=sasuke because like all the fanfivcs out there all of them agree that sakura gosout with sasuke. i mean there perfect! sasuke always portects sakura.=

Who does Ino love?

Ino loves ummmmmmm sasuke......... I don't know why everybody loves sasuke but i guess no one loves naruto (besides hinata) because he always plays pranks and he always gets in trouble. probobly cause sasuke is calm and naruto always tries to be a showoff.

Will sakura go out with anyone?

She went on a date with Naruto because she had to tell him about Sasuke and the cursed seal. But besides that, no. She will always be waiting for Sasuke to come back to her.

Why did naruto hate Sasuke?

Naruto hates Sasuke because he hates the fact that he's always acts cool, and makes him slef look good when it comes to combat. And maybe the fact that Sakura likes Sasuke and not him :P And plus they used to be great friends,that is until Sasuke changed.

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No, sasuke is always annoyed by love and focused on his goal

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No. She always loves Sasuke 4 ever

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he never returns because ,later he saves the villege with naruto help

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In the end did Itachi really always cared about Sasuke?

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