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If you mean you're looking for a dress to match the wedding colors, it depends on the shade. I can tell you what colors look good with purple. For royal purples, metalics always look nice. Silver preferably. Gold works too. Light purples look nice accented with hints of light yellow.

Neutrals always work for playing it safe. White looks good with all shades of purple.

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Q: What colour goes with purple for dresses for wedding. Mother of the Groom?
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Where can you find a combination of orange and purple wedding dresses?

Orange and purple wedding dresses are extremely difficult to find and the closest you can get to either is to look through the Bridesmaid dresses as there are similar styles to simple wedding dresses. Either that or have your wedding dress made for you.

Will purple lilac and silver be a good wedding colour scheme?

yes...that will be a nice wedding scheme

Where can one purchase purple bridesmaid dresses?

One can purchase purple bridesmaid dresses from the following stores: Best Bridal Prices, Amazon, Purple Bridesmaid, JJS House, eBay, DH Gate, Wedding Tonway, Aliexpress, Instructables.

Should my dress colour co-ordinate with the bridesmaids as I'm the bride's grandmother.?

Yes, your dress should embellish the colour scheme of the wedding as wedding pictures will be taken. Example: The bride of course is in white (no other person should wear all white as the bride is the center point of the wedding) and her bridesmaids are in a deep purple or rose colored dresses then mother and grandmother should wear colours such as a shell pink; light mauve (pale violet color.) To take the guess work out of this problem go with the bride to the bridal shop and the shop owner will be glad to show you dresses that will be the right colour coordination as well as what looks good on your physical frame.

If the bridesmaids dresses are chocolate can the mother of the groom where purple?

I totally reckon she can! Purple and brown? Such rich colours that will look amazing!

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