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Q: When was the last time prince Rupert BC used gold coins as part of the currency?
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What was the paper currency that could be cashed for gold and silver coins called in Colonial America?

The paper currency that could be exchanged for gold and silver coins were known as Bills of Credit.

Why use coins as currency than gold bars?

They are more portable.

What currency does RuneScape have?

Coins. Players call it GP, which stands for Gold Piece.

How easy is it to sell gold coins?

If you can you need to hold onto it. Gold is the only thing that will be of value when currency is no good.

What is the history of gold coinage?

the Romans were the first people to make gold coins as they were the first to use currency as well

What is a 1958 one dollar gold coin worth?

There were/are no 1958 one dollar gold coins in U.S. currency

What date did gold cease to be used in US coins?

1907 in common currency, but the mints use it now for special collectors coins.

What are the forms of money before paper was chosen?

Coins were a major form of currency before paper was used. Gold was a big form of currency.

Is it smart to save gold coins?

No - unless you are a gold coin collector, in which case you would need to have a lot of money to even purchase one, it isn't a smart idea. Gold coins aren't common currency these days.

How is currency regulated?

Currency is regulated by the government, when they strike oil or gold, they can print more bills and make more coins in either of the two mints

What are gold pieces in RuneScape?

The same as coins. The standard currency, used to buy and sell most items.

What currency is the Mexican money originally based on?

As Mexico was originally colonized by Spain, its money is based on Spanish currency. At the time of colonization Spain was using gold and silver coins as currency in the region.