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Q: Who played phillis in railway children?
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What were the characters names in the railway children?

the three children phyllis roberta peter. but the most main character is Roberta.

When did Phillis Wheatley have her kids?

MaryElizaGeorgethese were Phillis Wheatley's children

How many children did phillis wheatley have?

Phillis Wheatley and John Peters had three children, who all died at infancy.

How old was bobbie in the railway children?

bobbie as in roberta was 12 years old, while peter was 10 and i m not sure about phillis's age though i think it was 9 or 8

How many children did phillis wheatly have?


Who made friends with perks the porter was it the railway children?

No, "Friends with Perks" is a spinoff series of BBC Three's "Normal People," focusing on the character Jamie, played by Dylan Kennedy. The Railway Children is a classic children's novel by Edith Nesbit, which tells the story of three children who befriend a railway porter after their father is wrongfully imprisoned.

Who was Phillis Wheatley's Husband?

Phillis Wheatley married John Peters. He was a free slave. They had three children. Their names were lost because two of the children died early and the third child died along with Phillis Wheatley in the middle of child birth.

What part did Bernard Cribbins play in The Railway Children?

Bernard Cribbins played the role of Mr. Albert Perks, the station porter in the 1970 film adaptation of "The Railway Children." He was a beloved character who helped the children in various ways throughout the story.

What year did phillis wheatley have children?

Phillis Wheatley had three children. Two of them died during infancy and the other died shortly after her death.

What movie and television projects has Rosamond Tattersall been in?

Rosamond Tattersall has: Played Passenger in "The Railway Children" in 1951. Played Woman in the Train in "The Railway Children" in 1951. Played Maid in "The Story of the Treasure Seekers" in 1953. Played Woman in Crowd in "Quatermass and the Pit" in 1958. Played Sightseer in "Quatermass and the Pit" in 1958. Performed in "Love and Mr Lewisham" in 1959.

Does Phillis Dallier have a daughter that plays on All your children?

She doesn't have a daughter that plays on all my children-she was to old.

What was the authors name that wrote the Railway Children?

the author who wrote the railway children is e. nesbit