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For free dialup, you can follow the guide found in the related links.

Just remember that dial up is not the fastest type of internet in the world, and free dialup providers may put ads/banners on when you browse the internet.

Answer:Go to your phone provider. They can get you an internet connection. You might get free installation.
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Q: How do you connect to the internet through a phone?
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Can Samsung Intensity 2 connect with ipod touch for internet?

If you mean connect the phone to the internet through the ipod touch, then no.

Can a cell phone use WiFi to connect to the internet?

You are now able to use your cell phone to connect to the Internet. This feature is called tethering. This can be done on a regular phone, you no longer need a smartphone to utilize the Internet through your phone.

Which port can connect you to the internet through a telephone line?

A modem uses the phone line to connect to the internet. This is usually slower than a wifi connection.

What does it mean when your phone doesn't connect to the broadband box?

when your phone doesn't connect to the broadband box you must check your internet connectivity,either through wifi or data

Can I use an IPC Internet phone modem to connect to Internet?


How do you connect your Samsung Galaxy s to the internet?

How to connect internet with phone sumsung galaxy cooper

What types of internet access are offered by Verizon?

Verizon Wireless offers internet access through their mobile phone plans and through their Home Fusion Broadband connect plan. Verizon also provides internet access through their home phone, TV, and Internet bundle package.

Do you have to get internet with the droid phone?

Well, there is an additional cost on the bill to have unlimited Internet. But you can get Internet connection through these ways: by receiving a good service signal or by getting your phone to connect to a nearby wireless router.

How do you connect to internet on my Samsung mobile?

I have a Fascinate and connect to my computer using a USB cord. On the phone you can bring up Bing or Yahoo to connect to the Internet. There are two ways to do this. You can bring it up in search or through a market App.

How does the iPhone 5 connect to the internet?

iphone 5 can connect to the internet through its wifi. It can also connect through 3G or LTE connections.

How do you connect Internet to the Internet?

through magnetic waves

Do you need a phone line to connect to the Internet?

You dont actually need a phone line to connect to the internet. U can use a modem also. =D

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