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Some of the main types of System Maintenance are:

Adaptive Maintenance: where improvements to the system are necessary to adapt to changing working procedures or legislation.

Corrective Maintenance: where ongoing improvements are made (bug fixing) to ensure the system still meets the original user requirements.

Perfective Maintenance: improving the system so that it becomes more refined and more efficient at processing.

Predictive Maintenance: strategic changes made in anticipation of likely changes to technology or working practices in the future.

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Q: Types of system maintenance
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What are the different types of maintenance systemst?

Preventive maintenance, Adaptive maintenance, Predictive maintenance, Corrective maintenance,Reactive maintenance,Perfective maintenance

Describe Two types of remote maintenance carried out on ICTequipment?

Remote Log-in by Service PersonnelSystem to System Diagnostic

What are the example of software adaptive maintenance?

Adaptive Maintenance (Software) is maintenance that allows software to adapt to a change in the system or system environment. Adaptive maintenance does not provide new capabilities. Adaptive Maintenance (Software) is maintenance that allows software to adapt to a change in the system or system environment. Adaptive maintenance does not provide new capabilities.

What are the different types of computer maintenance?

server maintenance hardware maintenance software maintenance firmware maintenance website maintenance theres a lot, one for each 'department'

Types of maintenance used in system analysis?

In my opinion and in a professional way I recommend to you the best leading companies in providing a system utility that includes a set of powerful maintenance features to improve Mac which is ..]]]

What system of maintenance ensures the safe operation of equipment?

The preventive maintenance system ensures the safe operation of equipment.

Does the HVAC system require minor or major maintenance?

HVAC is an acronym used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of all types. The amount of maintenance required on these systems depends on the type and usage of the system. System specific maintenance information is best found in the owner's manual. If that cannot be located, most manufacturers have this information available through their websites or customer service telephone services.

What types of jobs are involved in aircraft maintenance?

There are a few types of jobs that someone in aircraft maintenance would have to do. These include routine inspections of the aircraft, period service, and different types of checks that they call Types A through D.

The nervous system shares in the maintenance of homeostasis with which system?


What are the benefits of system maintenance?

The benefits of a system maintenance is that it keeps a computer system running properly. It also means that software is being updated, changed, or repaired.

What is reactive maintenance in operating system?

reactive maintenance is a repair carried out when equipment fails.

What are the types of maintenance?

Preventive, scheduled, and unexpected repairs

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