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It is not illegal to lie about your age on the internet. It is illegal to lie to try to gain certain documents.

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2010-10-13 12:49:22
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Q: What happens if you lie about your age on the internet?
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What happens if you lie about your age on facebook?

if you get found out then you could get into serious trouble

Why does the internet lie so much?

The internet does not lie, but the people putting information on it certainly can. People lie on the internet for the same reasons they lie anywhere!

What happens if you lie to get in WWE?

depends if you lie on age you might get suspended or if you say you are 40 and you say your 25 you might get released or if you used steroids and you lie you will definetly get fired

What happens if you lie about your age on psn?

If you lie about your age they will not know at first but sooner or later they will look you up and that age that you put on there will not match the age that you really are and you won't get the job so just match your age the truthful age that you really are and you will probably still get the job.

Why does the Internet lie?

the internet doesnt lie, people do, internet doesnt make itself, does it now, people make websites, so people lie, thank god internet doesnt lie otherwise where would we be?

Is the Internet a lie?

No the Internet is a tool.

What happens if you lie about your age on second life?

Lying about age on Second Life can result in the account being suspended and possibly deleted.

Can the internet lie?

I am the law!

What happens if you lie about your age to get a bank account?

You can get arrested for Fraud. I doubt that the government would really punish anybody for getting a bank account, but it is a felony to lie about your Name, Address, or Age on a form that deals with money.

Is it legal to lie about gmail age?

To lie is not legal at all. But people generally lie about gmail age. However it is not ethical to lie about it.

What happens if you lie to a police officer about your age?

You may be arrested. You are required to provide correct ID when lawfully stopped.

Does the internet always lie?


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